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title. ci110816​

size. 20 x 16 x 1 inches


Burlap, acrylic, thinly-veiled order on canvas

030319 KEEP IT TOGETHER WHITE (6) best J

This was made in response to a political event that upset me. I painted the canvas with flames and this process let out the anger and sorrow within my heart. I then covered it with burlap to force a grid on it. I needed some structure and order to get on with the dystopia I felt trapped in. As the project dried, the lines writhed and 90 degree angles were lost. Literally, nothing was right, but I could still see the pattern needed to move through my pain. I covered the squares with thin, white paint that I alternately tinted warmer and cooler to achieve a rhythmic, but contained, ocean to wash over my wounds. This pulsing is best observed in an actinic light.

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